phpOnline - Free Live Customer Support Script

phpOnline is a live customer support system using PHP+MySQL+Flash to operate. A working copy of this script can be found here at our site. phpOnline is a FREE to use script under public GNU license and you may change, customize and use it as much as you want, but you can't remove or change the "COPYRIGHT" statements and link to "" or "". If you wish to remove the link and copyright statement please obtain a license.


  • Ability to send you an email if you were offline. You may change it to your own language using config file.
  • Source of flash files created in Macromedia Flash MX.
  • Runtime flash components are compatible with Flash 8.
  • Use our forums if you have any suggestion.

News and Version history:

  • Latest Version: 2.1.3(01 Aug 2008)Improvements, Some bugs fixed and more.
  • Version: 2.1.2(19 Nov 2006)Some security issues fixed. (read more)
  • Version: 2.1(20 Feb 2006)New string system for easy translation. Ability to run right to left. Client on hold, and lots more
  • Version: 1.8(2 July 2005)Realtime visitorsMonitor, enhanced configuration system.
  • Version: 1.7(18 June 2005)New language translator, Multilingual, Some minor bugs fixed. Some new features on staff side window.
  • Version: 1.6(18 May 2005)Themes, Some minor bugs fixed. Some new features on staff side window.
  • Version: 1.5.1(21 April 2005)Image based Status Indicator
  • Version: 1.5(3 April 2005)Many bugs fixed, Status Indicator and much more
  • Version: 1.4(28 May 2003)Some bugs fixed, Variable Wait Time
  • Version: 1.3(17 May 2003)Some minor changes, Multilingual Support
  • Version: 1.2(14 May 2003)Now support older versions of php
  • Version: 1.1(02 May 2003)staff.php is now password protected
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